QORGAU has been operating in the fire protection market for more than five years. We pay great attention to manufactured products and quality control of their application. The advantage is the efficiency of the product, which saves material consumption. The products are used in both industrial and civil construction. In the Design and Technical Department, we calculate the area of the surface to be processed and the required amount of material, making the work of engineers of design organizations easier. The production capacity allows us to produce 100 tons per month. The manufactured products have all the necessary Certificates of Conformity. Each batch of material undergoes careful control, testing and is included in the unified Kaz Niet Sa (Каз Ниет Са) system.

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There are five types of products in the QORGAU fire-retardant paint line: water-based fire-retardant paint, organic-based paint, two-component paint, paint for concrete structures, and fire-retardant impregnation for wood.

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  • Water-based fire-retardant paint can be used both inside an existing building and on open construction sites.
  • Organic-based fire-retardant paint is applied to metal structures on open construction sites.
  • Two-component epoxy fire protection used both inside and outside in facilities with increased requirements for fire protection and chemical resistance.
  • Fire-retardant paint for concrete structures protects concrete from high temperatures and destruction.
  • Fire retardant impregnation for wood used to prevent and spread fire, as well as to protect wooden structures from insects and fungi.

You can find a complete list of products and services on the company’s website; see new products and promotions on Instagram.

Website: Qorgau.kz

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kraska_qorgau/


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