AtyrauBuild 2025

22nd North Caspian Regional Building and Interiors Exhibition

We would like to invite you to the 22nd North Caspian Regional Building and Interiors Exhibition AtyrauBuild, which will be held on April 2-4 in the Exhibition Center at 79, Abulkhair Khan Avenue, Atyrau, Kazakhstan

Comprehensive plan of socio-economic development of Atyrau region for 2021-2025.

Atyrau region is an industrial region, for the implementation of measures for the construction of housing and engineering infrastructure, it is necessary to provide financing from the republican and local budgets for the period 2021-2025 in the amount of 160 billion tenge. During the period of implementation of the Comprehensive Plan, it is planned to introduce housing with a total area of 411 thousand square meters for 6,730 apartments. Engineering and communication infrastructure with a length of more than 2,000 km will be brought to 19,000 land plots for the construction of residential housing. In order to achieve the indicator of housing security per person of 26 square meters by 2025, it is planned to put into operation more than 3.5 million square meters of housing. In the housing and utilities sector, 21 projects are planned for implementation.

The socio-economic development of Atyrau region in 2023 will continue according to the adopted comprehensive plan approved until 2025. First of all, the focus will be on the construction of housing, schools, highways, medical and cultural institutions, sports facilities, as well as gas and water supply projects in the region.

Sewage treatment plants will be built in the right-bank part of Atyrau. According to the press service of the mayor of the city, design and estimate documentation has been developed for the construction of treatment facilities in the right-bank part of Atyrau. 21.2 billion tenge has been allocated from the budget for their construction. Modernization of sewage treatment plants on the right bank of the city of Atyrau continues. Work is underway to modernize the filtration station No. 5 in the city of Atyrau.


  • Since: 2001
  • Frequency: Annual
  • Exhibition profile: building materials and equipment; finishing materials and interior; window, doors and facades; heating and ventilation; water supply and sanitary ware; ceramics and stone; road construction
  • Venue: Abay Center, Atyrau, Kazakhstan