Artur Harutyunyan, Procurement Coordinator at Baker Hughes LLP:

Many people say, "Why do you need to go to exhibitions? "All you need to do is google it". I agree, but you can't talk to Google there, all questions have to be written down or dictated. And wait till you know what people are going to propose. And here you can talk to professionals about the issues you're interested in, as well as potential ones. There was a revival of longstanding relations, I met people I hadn't seen in years at the exhibition. I talked to two people, they have already changed the area of interest to the one I am interested in. Exhibitions move business forward!

Amar Nair, Sales Manager, CTA Caspian Sea LPP:

I am a regular visitor to this exhibition. Our company is a very large supplier of pipes and fittings. We supply pipes for European and American standards. And accordingly, we would like to find potentially new customers at this exhibition, and we intend to supply our products to Kazakhstan. We already have our own regular customers in the market of Kazakhstan, and as we are developing, we would like to find more. In my opinion, it's great to have so many companies gather together, and you can get to know each other and learn about each other's activities, rather than learn about them separately in some other place.

Aidana Ospanova, Corporate Sales Executive Burabai Management Group:

I am from Almaty myself, and we represent Rixos Borovoe Hotel. Accordingly, there are our partners here, and our clients. We are here to meet again, to update our contacts and to get acquainted with the representatives of new companies that are exhibiting here for the first time, too. We established new contacts and found new clients. It's all super great, the organization is outstanding.

Serik Amangaliyev, Director of Edil Oral LLP:

The exhibition is very significant, everyone knows that Atyrau is the oil capital, and large subsoil users are represented here today, as well as contractors who have come for the first time and are looking for partners. So we, as a local company, are looking for opportunities to grow. Now it's a very difficult time of post covid, and there are also political issues that come up sharply. There are difficulties with the supply of equipment, with maintenance and personnel. We will try to discuss all the nuances today on the platform. Today is a big event. No coincidence, and our company is signing an agreement with TCO for the development of the Atyrau Industrial Park, for the production of oil and gas equipment in the country. Great initiative of Tengizchevroil, it is a giant, a major taxpayer, has tens of thousands of jobs, the company creates all the conditions. I would like to wish all participants success and find mutually beneficial partners, good services and more highly paid ones.

Pavel Zaitsev, deputy director of the North-West division of Velta Production Association, Omsk:

Our company manufactures electrical switchboard equipment. I came to the exhibition for the first time to find new contacts and new partners.  In general, it's very interesting, and we plan to enter the Kazakhstan market soon.