Feedback from Exhibitors AtyrauBuild 2023

Gulmira Gnatova, Development Director of Aquatoria Aktobe LLP:

We participate in the Atyrau Build exhibition for the first time. This year it is combined with the oil exhibition. We are glad that we participate in this exhibition, because there are a lot of requests. And what was interesting here is that people in Atyrau come with direct requests, with specific tasks. Therefore, I can say today that the second day of the exhibition is going well, we will participate in such exhibitions, everything is fine with the organization of the exhibition, because we have been working with ITECA for several years, so we already have some work and cooperation experience.

Anton Titov, manager of the Development Department of Engineering Services LLP:

We liked the exhibition very much, we already have one contract. Yesterday we got acquainted with the company, they are engaged in designing, we immediately held a meeting and there is a real potential contract. And there is also an agreement to hold a meeting tomorrow. There will most likely be a contract. In addition, we got acquainted with many local Kazakhstani companies, with Russian companies, we got acquainted with Chinese companies. I think such exhibitions are very necessary, they develop the industry as a whole, everyone who works in this industry gets to know each other, exchange contacts, and some contracts are obtained, and this is very productive and profitable.

Eldar Akhmetov, Sales Director of Alias Valve Group LLP:

We have been working with ITECA and their exhibitions for more than 10 years. We exhibit in different cities every year. This year we plan to participate in three exhibitions: the first exhibition we have here in Atyrau - Oil and Gas, then in Astana, and in Almaty. We have been working with you for more than 10 years, we already have more than 100 contracts that we have completed, money has been received, large customers have paid. TOP 10 we purchased from the exhibition. At the moment, we have begun to sign contracts with companies for drilling, oil production, gas connection, petrochem. We also signed a contract for 100 pieces of gate valves, and we have already begun to install them. I advise everyone to exhibit, the first thing is the reputation of the company, marketing and new customers. To a greater extent, participation affects the reputation of the company.

Feedback from Exhibitors AtyrauBuild 2019

Victoriya Yermakova, HIKVISION KAZAKHSTAN, Business Development Manager

We participate in AtyrauBuild for three consecutive years.  During this time, the exhibition has helped us to increase the Hikvision brand's visibility in the construction and industrial field, helped to find new partners and meet new customers.  This exhibition is an excellent way to demonstrate our key innovations and developments in the field of safety and video surveillance to its participants and visitors.

We want to gratitude Iteca for keeping year by year the high standards and gathering such a wide range of industry professionals.

Beibut Burbayev, Akku-Energo, Marketing manager

It was the first time when we were presented at Atyrau Oil&Gas and AtyrauBuild Exhibitions.  These exhibitions show good outcomes for our company.  We are satisfied with the number of visitors and with the number of people interested in our company.  Everything is organized at a high level, and we have no complaints.  We are planning to participate in this platform next year.

Maksat Myrzakhanov, Almatinskiye kraski, technologist

Our company has launched production of new painting materials and anticorrosion coatings for metal.  That is why we have decided to take part in AtyrauBuild Exhibition.  It is the first time when we participate in this platform.

However, during the two days of the exhibition, we have already felt an interest in our products, there are a lot of interested people here.  In general, I believe, that this exhibition is being productive and efficient for us.  We were able to find contact with many companies, which directly work with our paints.

Andrey Poltoratskiy, Robert Bosh LLP, HVAC Sales Engineer

We participate in AtyrauBuild for a second consecutive year.  The exhibition is excellent and exciting.

Last year we found a lot of new customers on this platform and, as a result, we expanded our work in this region.  Such positive results gave us a reason to participate this year also.