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VSO Profil LLC is an expert in the metal structures market and one of the leaders in the field of prefabricated buildings. The company has its own production and design bureau. Rich experience in the industry is more than 20 years. More than 5,000 objects for various purposes have been implemented in 10 countries.

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The company offers effective design solutions for prefabricated buildings, taking into account all customer requirements. The production is fully equipped with modern high-technology equipment for the production of metal structures.

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VSO Profil LLC designs and produces fully complete buildings based on metal structures made of galvanized profiles and ferrous rolled metal products for industrial buildings, warehouses, logistics complexes, administrative and household buildings, shopping malls, car services and car repair shops, poultry and pig farms, livestock farms, vegetable and fruit storage facilities, grain warehouses.

You can find a complete list of products and services on the company’s official websites, and all detailed information is available on social networks.



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