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Aquatoria-Aktobe LLP - a company providing integrated solutions for industry and municipal services.

More than 18 years of experience, a high-tech base, and the knowledge of leading industry experts and an accumulated portfolio of standard solutions provide a systematic approach to implementing projects of any degree of complexity and open up new opportunities for our customers to achieve maximum impact and substantial savings in energy resources.

Over the years, we have managed to not only build a strong structure and win the recognition of our customers, but also to build a trustworthy network of partners providing branded products and a full range of related work and services.

NS povishennogo davlenia

Pressure boosting pump station for cold potable water, hot water, heating and cooling water.

Standard line:

  • 1-6 pump units;
  • Based on pumps SV, SM, MN|, MM, NETSH, VE, SMU;
  • Power range from 0.37 to 150 kW;
  • Flow rate limit up to 300 m S/h;
  • Maximum head limit up to 200 m;
  • Quickly select and manufacture non-standard pumping stations.

Fire extinguishing stations: sprinkler, drencher, hydrant. Combined fire fighting, domestic, and drinking water supply systems.

Standard line:

  • 2 pump units;
  • Based on pumps СВ, ММ, НЕЦХ, ВЕ;
  • Power range from 0.37 to 150 kW;
  • Flow rate limit up to 300 m S/h;
  • Maximum head limit up to 200 m;


Water purification system: The basic line of equipment manufactured by the enterprise includes high-tech reverse osmosis and nanofiltration systems of the AKVA series, automatic first and second lift pumping stations of the AKVA series and automatic water purification complexes in block-modular design.

Automatic water treatment complexes "AKVA" are fully automatic water treatment and water supply systems using the latest combined water treatment technologies that allow you to get drinking quality water from almost any source and under any conditions. At the same time, the system is extremely easy to manage and maintain, does not require specialized equipment and highly qualified personnel, and is able to work effectively in almost any climatic conditions.

Heat point: An automated individual heat point in a block design is a factory-ready product that serves to transfer heat energy from a heat supply source to a consumer; ensuring automatic control of the heat carrier in heating, ventilation systems and maintaining the specified parameters of hot water supply and technology.


Functional tasks of BHPA

  • Automatic control of heating and ventilation fluid values depending on outdoor temperature, time of year and day.
  • Maintaining a constant hot water temperature as required by sanitary regulations.
  • Maintaining the set hydraulic parameters of all heat consumption systems as well as the heat network.
  • Control of circulation pumps in automatic mode.
  • Automatic feed-in of all heat-consuming systems when connected in a closed circuit.

Benefits of BHPA

  • Compact dimensions that allow the BHPA to be used in small spaces.
  • Assembly, testing and adjustment is carried out in the factory.
  • Significant time and cost savings in design, installation and commissioning.
  • The shortest possible lead-time.
  • Delivery. Both as individual modules and as a complete package.
  • Possibility of remote regulation and control of the heating medium parameters.
  • Warranty.

Modular boiler house: A productive way to provide heat, hot water and steam for industrial, public and residential buildings. Aquatoria-Aktobe LLP manufactures and sells modular boilers in series with a guarantee.

Modular boiler houses are equipped with the latest technology:

  • Pumps;
  • Heat exchangers;
  • Water treatment systems;
  • Boilers;
  • Automation and dispatching unit;

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