BVK Group of companies - from design and estimation of materials to delivery and installation



BVK Group of companies has been working on the construction market of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Russian Federation for more than 7 years. The main advantage of the Company is comprehensive solution to customer needs. During the work, we delivered almost 700,000 m2 of sandwich panels, provided design and integrated installation services for buildings in more than 45 facilities. A team of experienced designers helps customers reduce the final cost of the project by proposing solutions for efficient metal consumption of supporting structures. A professional team of installers efficiently, reliably and on time builds turnkey prefabricated buildings and metal structures.


DJI 0033A personal manager offers the most optimal option for cooperation, helps the customer with the selection of additional elements, fasteners, sealing materials. Specialists arrange prompt delivery and shipment, provide quick workflow. BVK Group of Companies works only with a trusted supplier of metal structures and sandwich panels that meet the quality standards of GOST and TU.

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Sandwich panels - a finished fence that does not require additional decoration. It is made at the factory and meets the quality standards of GOST or TU.

Metal structures are structures, the basis of which are load-bearing structures of black or galvanized metal. The service life of a building made of metal structures is more than 25 years.

Design work and installation are an integral part of the construction of any industrial building. Availability of a competent project provides easy examination and operational installation of the building for long-term operation.


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