Early booking of an area at the AtyrauBuild 2020 exhibition will enable WELDING COMPANY to be the first one and start promoting its products before the start of the exhibition

Modern welding and cutting equipment, welding materials, consumables, welder’s PPE, gas welding equipment

Modern innovative welding equipment Fronius (Austria) will be presented at the exhibition. Welding materials, accessories, and welder's PPE ESAB (Swiss). Accessories ABICOR BINZEL (Germany). Gas flame equipment GCE (Czech Republic).




The WELDING COMPANY team is a team of professional engineers and specialists in the field of welding production, who will help you to select the most suitable equipment among numerous producers represented today on the Kazakhstani market.




nickel wires picThe WELDING COMPANY specializes in the supply of industrial welding equipment and components for welding and cutting. WELDING COMPANY has been on the market for more than ten years, during this time it accumulated vast experience and established close contacts with many companies in Kazakhstan, Europe, China, Ukraine, and the CIS countries.

thumbnail 4You may meet representatives of the company and get more information at AtyrauBuild 2020 on April 8-10, 2020, in Atyrau city, Abilkaiyr Khan ave., 79. We are waiting for you!

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