Q-Paint industrial coatings from Kazakhstan manufacturer Almatinsky kraski LLP

Almatinsky kraski LLP is a manufacturing company for the production of paints and varnishes, has been successfully operating in the market of the Republic of Kazakhstan since 2009. Our materials as road marking enamel AK-505, thermoplastic TP-AK, two-component cold plastic XP-AK, enamel ПФ-115 are supplied to all regions of our country, as well as for the construction of the Western Europe - Western China road.

We are members of the 2030 Development Road Map and are working on the continuous development of the plant’s technical base, attracting foreign specialists and improving the skills of our employees.

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Q-Paint is a high-tech paintwork materials that combine high performance properties, an effective and cost-effective solution for the anticorrosion protection of building structures, auto and railway transport, process equipment and pipelines. The composition of this line, in addition to traditional epoxy, alkyd-modified, also includes polyurethane materials.

Due to the wide range of materials produced by Almatinsky kraski LLP, you can quickly choose a painting scheme for your requirements.

Almatinsky kraski LLP will be presented at AtyrauBuild exhibition:
Paints and varnishes
Anticorrosive coating for metal structures, tanks, bridges, agricultural and railway equipment, commercial vehicles

Visit the Almatinsky kraski booth at AtyrauBuild from April 9 to 11.
To go to the exhibition - get a ticket on the website

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