TASCOMshop.kz Retail Chain: furniture of our own production

The TaSCOMshop.kz Retail Chain was established since 2011 in Aktau and Atyrau cities. A wide range of office furniture of own production, as well as a distribution of metal furniture and doors from Russian and foreign manufacturers.

  • Making custom-made furniture
  • Choice of manufacturing and medical furniture, safes, doors, shelves
  • Stock reserve in Aktau and Atyrau - over seven years on the market of Kazakhstan

TASCOMshop.kz Retail Chain will demonstrate at the AtyrauBuild Exhibition:

Furniture Workshop - manufacturing of ergonomic office furniture and furniture for rotational villages.

VALBERG safes - fireproof, burglar-proof, deposit safe, hotel and furniture safes.

PRAKTIK and NOBILIS metal furniture - lockers, closets for changing rooms, card-catalogs, file cabinets, documents safes.

Metal shelves - office and warehouse shelves with a lifting capacity from 100 kg and over.

Manufacturing furniture - metal file (carpenter’s) benches, tool cabinets, carts, and bases.

Medical furniture and equipment - HILFE single and double wardrobes, beds, medicine boxes, medical cabinet and so on.

Metal entrance doors PROMET (Russia) and Steel Line (Belarus): series BUDGET, STANDARD, PRESTIGE, ELITE. Fireproof doors.

NEW STYLE Office chairs and sofas (Ukraine) - chairs for personnel, visitors and managers, office sofas.

Metal beds, Russia - military beds, two-tier beds.

GEONA interior doors - doors made of natural and environmental friendly innovative materials.

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Learn more about products of TASCOMshop.kz at the AtyrauBuild Exhibition.
To visit the exhibition free of charge – get a ticket on the website

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