ECOTON Plant of gas-concrete blocks production will take part in AtyrauBuild 2018

Gas-concrete blocks under the trademark of Ecoton are basically an artificial stone with the equally-spaced closed-cell pores which enhance all physical and mechanical properties of the concrete. Such pores significantly decrease the density of the materials which leads to the reduction of its mass in comparison with the sand-cement mortar.

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HEAT ENERGY: Excellent thermo-physical properties (heat-conduction coefficient is -0,11 W/Mohs at the density of 500-600 kg/m3) allows any structure built of the gas-concrete blocks to retain a remarkable level of warmth.

MICROCLIMATE: Ecoton gas-concrete blocks significantly prevent thermal losses in cold seasons, thus helping to avoid excessive temperatures in summer and regulate internal air humidity, while its air permeability keeps the internal air fresh and contributes to the creation of a favorable microclimate.

ACOUSTIC ISOLATION: Ecoton gas-concrete blocks have a high ability to absorb sounds. Buildings made of the gas-concrete blocks “Ecoton” meet all effective requirements to the sound isolation.

OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCY: Due to the less thermal conductivity, walls made of Ecoton gas-concrete blocks are approximately 1,6-1,8 times thinner rather than when using the common brick. Consequently, this takes a good bite out of the wall material consumption and increases the area of the erected buildings.

QUICK INSTALLATION AND PROCESSING: Ecoton gas-concrete blocks are easily tooled and sawed with the elementary instruments (arm-saw, hacket, hand plane). Labor efforts are decreased by 30-40 % in comparison with other construction materials.

For more information on the products of Ecoton, please welcome the Exhibition of AtyrauBuild 2018, which will be held in Atyrau, on April 10th-12th.

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